Images From Performance Research and Development

The Presentation

Harvey photo re-enactment.


On the foreshore.Image

Ringing the bell tower.ImageImage

Performance by Marega Palser and Gareth Clark, “arrivals from the new world”.Image

Cooking and eating mussels in the cove.Image

Transporting the audience via kingspan raft.Image

The journey of the audience following a sea urchin which emerged from the water and floated past on the mirror-ike surface of the estuaryImageImageImage

Floating past the Estuary shoes being used on the shore by the sunken forest.Image

Performance amongst the sunken forest and on the downed jetty for the audience journey.ImageImageImageImage

Lighting of the flare on the bell tower.ImageImage

The beached sea urchin becomes seating to watch a floating band with goose wings in the background on the freshly revealed sand bank lit by burning straw bales.Image

The foreshore lit with fire rope and flares becomes a fire installation.ImageImageImageImageImageMark’s kinetic fire-mirror sculpture.Image

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